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The Immersion Update: VR Mode, Improved Rendering, & More

Get even more immersed in Skybox AI’s stunning new Model 3 8K worlds with update 0.10.1. Look up and down to see our vastly improved zenith and nadir webapp rendering. View Skybox AI on your Apple Vision Pro, Quest, or other VR headset to experience your generated art in a whole new way.

If you missed the Model 3 Preview update, it’s a BIG one! 👇

Skybox AI Beta 0.10.1 Release Notes

🥽 Introducing VR Mode

Experience your creations in a whole new way with our VR mode. Using a WebVR-compatible device, visit Skybox AI and click the VR button in the upper right-hand corner to step into your skybox in immersive virtual reality. Try it in Apple Vision Pro, Quest 2, Quest 3, or any other VR headset!

🌐 Enhanced Viewer Experience

We've applied advanced mathematical techniques to improve the rendering quality at the zenith and nadir of your skyboxes in our webapp viewer. While not perfect in all cases, you'll notice near-seamless results at the top and bottom of most skyboxes.

🔔 Stay in the Loop with Notifications

Our new notifications system keeps you informed about the latest upgrades, service maintenance, and other essential updates. As we expand this feature, expect even more helpful notifications to optimize your Skybox AI experience.

🛠️ Refinements and Bug Fixes

We've made numerous bug fixes and improvements across the app, particularly on the Explore Page and in Model 3 Preview mode, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive creative process.

Your support and feedback are invaluable in shaping the future of Skybox AI. We can't wait to see what you create with these new features and enhancements. Happy exploring!


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