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The Explore Update + First Look at new Skybox AI Model

More Free, More Fresh, More Fun

Today we're happy to launch the Explore Update for our industry-leading 360° environment generator, Skybox AI! It's remarkable that Skybox AI is capable of creating equirectangular panoramas of so many styles and subject matters, but we know it's easy to get stuck in a rut. With these additions, new and veteran creators can better discover the power of Skybox AI to create stunning immersive worlds of all kinds. Read below for the full release notes.

But first...

Model 3 First Look

Since our teaser on Twitter/X went well, we wanted to share an early look at an extremely exciting upcoming update to Skybox AI: Model 3. This new generation model will be far more capable at realism, give an incredible amount of fidelity, showcase increased depth, and will be even higher resolution! While it's still in development and these test images are low resolution, we're too excited not to share.

Look for Skybox AI Model 3 coming this month!

Release Notes

Skybox AI Beta 0.9.3


Introducing the new Explore page, a curated collection of 32 diverse skyboxes to inspire and guide your creations. We've also revamped our top menu for quicker navigation and made some changes to our free user experience. Read on for the details! 👇

What's New:

✨ Explore Page: Discover a world of possibilities with our new Explore page. Browse through 32 carefully curated skyboxes spanning various styles and subjects. Pick one that resonates with you, and dive right into creating with pre-populated prompts, negative prompts, and styles. It's the perfect way to learn from the best by launching from a proven starting point: create, modify, or remix these prompts to suit your vision.

✨ Nav Bar Refresh: We've given our top nav a makeover. The new Skybox AI logo doubles as a quick-start button, loading the creation interface with a random starter skybox. Plus, we've added quick links to your Dashboard and the Explore page. Bye-bye, breadcrumbs! Expect this nav bar to grow with us as a consistent app-wide spot for easy access to common tasks.

✨ Free User Experience Changes: Starting now, free users (both anonymous and those with free accounts) can access all 25 previously premium styles except experimental Technowizard-only styles. Free account holders (but not anonymous users) can also use our Prompt Enhancer feature. However, free users will no longer be able to download their creations. To unlock downloading, simply subscribe to any of our paid plans.

We can't wait to see what you'll create with these new features and enhancements. As always, your feedback in Discord and on socials is invaluable in shaping the future of Skybox AI. See you there!


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