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Skybox AI Model 3 Brings 8K Generated 360° Panoramic Worlds to All

Blockade Labs has changed the game again! Introducing Model 3 Preview and Remix Your 360° for Skybox AI! Model 3 brings the most significant upgrade to the app since launch, significantly improving all aspects of quality and control, delivering enhanced realism, and bringing native 8K resolution to Skybox AI generations. Remix Your 360° allows users to upload their own 360-degree images and use them as the basis for new skyboxes. Get ready to explore new worlds like never before!

Skybox AI Beta 0.10.0

✨ Model 3 Preview

Skybox AI has taken a generational leap forward with the release of our Model 3 preview! This overhaul of our generative engine allows you to create stunning worlds and scenes that were previously impossible, with:

  • Dramatically improved generation quality, including: enhanced realism, extra details, more scene depth and coherency, more prompt adherence

  • Native 8K resolution (8192x4096 pixels), which is a 77% increase in pixels

  • 21 new Model 3 styles (try the new one called Playground which is specifically tuned to create your wildest prompt ideas)

  • Updated Model 3 Prompt Enhancer, tailored for Model 3’s new prompting best practices

  • AND Skybox AI Model 3 is TOTALLY FREE for all users to create with!

Coming Soon

As Model 3 Preview is a glimpse into the future, it currently only works in Model 3 mode (use the new toggle switch in the top of the screen) and can only be used to generate new skyboxes, but soon all the many features of Skybox AI will be available to use with Model 3, including:

  • Sketch-to-Skybox

  • Depth Maps, HDRIs, and other downloadable file types

  • Remix

  • Remix Your 360°

  • Skybox-to-3D

Usage Notes

To use Model 3, we recommend simply selecting one of the twelve new Explore page starter skyboxes designed to showcase its capabilities and help you learn to prompt effectively. You can also simply toggle between Model 2 and Model 3 at the top of your screen while prompting. Prompt enhancer has been updated for Model 3, but you'll find that even simple, one or two-word prompts can yield incredible results.

Pro users may want to note that the Model 1 and 2 prompt-assisting token “VR360” has now been completely phased out in Model 3. You’ll find Model 3 is much better at keeping things equirectangular anyway, but if you need help, try describing the sky to open the top of the skybox back up.

All prompting is more powerful in Model 3, so you should be able to push it in more more extreme directions. Scale and proportions tend to be larger, taller, further, etc. but this means you may need to mention the sky in most prompts unless you want to have really tall elements reaching up to the zenith. (Model 3 loves an epic cliff face.) Negative prompts are also much more powerful, so use that to your advantage but no need to go overboard.

✨ Remix Your 360°

You can now upload your own equirectangular 360-degree images and use them as the basis for new skybox generations! This feature currently only works with Model 2, but will soon be available for Model 3 as well. Simply drag and drop a panorama into the browser when in Model 2 mode or click the "Upload" button in the Model 2 Remix tab.

To give you more control over the remixing process, we've added an Influence slider on the left side of the prompt bar. This allows you to adjust how much your uploaded image affects the remixed version, with 0 being almost no influence and 100 being nearly identical to the original.

Please note that while this feature does work with non-360 images, the results will be distorted. It can be fun to experiment, but we recommend sticking with true 360-degree panoramas for the best results.

Remix Your 360° is currently available for all Technowizard level subscribers.

We can't wait to see the incredible worlds you'll create with these new features! Show us what you're making by tagging us on Twitter/X, Instagram, or any other social platform as @BlockadeLabs. See you there!


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