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360° Ultra Realism is Here with Skybox AI Model 3.1

Blockade Labs is thrilled to announce the release of Skybox AI Model 3.1, a groundbreaking update that takes our industry-leading 360° environment generator to new heights. This update builds off our already massive Model 3 update to bring more features into play and give an unprecedented level of clarity, detail, and realism to our 8K skybox worlds.

Skybox AI Beta 0.11.0

✨ Model 3.1: A Generational Leap Forward in Realism

Skybox AI Model 3.1 is built from the ground up with a focus on realism, delivering unparalleled quality and detail. Built on our massively improved Model 3 overhaul, our new proprietary upscaler allows us to take full advantage of our 8K resolution, producing stunning results with fine details that rival the quality of the skyboxes of industry leaders, all in just 30 seconds. Whether you're aiming for photorealism or wildly creative outputs, Model 3.1 has you covered.

✨ Remix Mode: Combine Realism with Artistic Flair

One of the most beloved features of Skybox AI, Remix mode, is now available for Model 3.1! After being absent in the Model 3 preview, we are thrilled to reintroduce this powerful tool that allows you to create realistic scenes and then re-imagine them in your favorite artistic style. Previously, we recommended starting with a realistic style and remixing into artistic ones, but Model 3.1 is so robust that we recommend you try both! Turn that wild floating castle realistic or turn that realistic canyon into a cyberpunk city. Remix mode lets you take a skybox structure you love and play with its aesthetics and themes however you like. 

✨ Remix Your 360°: Unleash Model 3.1 on Your Own Images

You can now use the power of Model 3.1 to remix your own uploaded 360° equirectangular panoramas! To remix an uploaded image, select "Remix" mode and click the "upload" button or simply drag and drop your image onto the skybox. Click the view/hide icon to see your uploaded image versus your remix. When in this mode, all new remixes will apply to your uploaded image rather than to the previous remix. And while this feature is intended for 360° images, if you’re brave you can experiment with other image types for unique results.

✨ 3D Meshes, Depth Maps, and More: Enhanced Features for Subscribers

Model 3.1 brings back downloadable depth maps for all users, allowing everyone to add an extra dimension to their creations. Our Technowizard subscribers will also have the ability to create single-perspective 3D meshes, taking your scenes to the next level. Please note that 3D features are not yet available for skyboxes created with the initial Model 3 preview. We are working on backwards compatibility and expect to launch it in the near future.

✨ New Realistic Styles: Capture the Perfect Mood

We’ve added a few new styles that showcase the power and versatility of Model 3.1's realism capabilities:

  • Cinematic Realism: Photographic realism with dramatic, dark color grading and filmic mood.

  • Magical Realism: Realism with a touch of misty, glowy, ethereal atmosphere.

  • Drone Shot: Realistic aerial views that emulate drone footage high above the ground.

✨ Service Status

We can't wait to see the incredible worlds you'll create with Skybox AI Model 3.1. Share your creations with us on Twitter/X, Instagram, or any other social platform using @BlockadeLabs. Happy creating!


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