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Skybox AI: 1 Year, 10M Generations, 1.5M Users 🎉

Skybox AI celebrates one year since launch!

On February 17, 2023, Blockade Labs launched Skybox AI to the public as the premiere 360° AI environment generator. Capable of seamless 6K equirectangular text-to-image generation, Skybox AI represented a remarkable feat in the world of generative AI, and quickly, people took notice. 

In just one year, we’ve seen 1.5 million users of Skybox AI create over 10 million 360° skybox worlds. We’ve launched invaluable features like sketch-to-skybox, remix, generation model v2, 360° seamless depth maps and HDRIs, skybox-to-3D-mesh, 47 different styles to choose from, an official Unity Verified Solution plug-in, and more. 

In that time, we’re happy to see so many Skybox AI users show off what they’re building in the future of game design, VR, AR, and immersive experience design using Skybox AI. Several teams (including a team of our own devs!) won game jams using Skybox AI in their toolset. We’ve gained amazing partners in the industry like NVIDIA, Unity, RecRoom, and Accenture, and been honored to see many using our API to drive 360° generation in their own apps.

What’s Next?

We still have so much more planned for Skybox AI! We’ve been hard at work at several game-changing features set to release this spring, including many requested by you! Keep an eye out for our release of:

  • Edit mode (formerly teased as Add To This) which will allow you to mold your skybox how you want by adding, editing, and removing any part of your skybox.

  • Model V3 which will bring vastly improved realism, clarity, and higher resolution to your generations.

  • 3D mesh generation 1.0, a massive update bringing it out of beta which will generate the full scope of the 3D environment area, including behind objects.

  • More surprises!

Stay Tuned

Thank you so much for following and generating along with us this past year! If you want to make sure to stay up to date with what we’re up to, sign up for our email newsletter. Or be sure to follow our X/Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or our many other socials linked in our footer.

Cheers to what’s ahead!

💚 the Blockade Labs team


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