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Generate Your Imagination in 360°

The immersive art generator is here with Skybox AI

Create a Virtual Space in Seconds

Step into Skybox AI, the ultimate AI-powered solution for generating incredible 360° panoramic world experiences in glorious 8K resolution.

Create a World with Words or a Sketch

Generate infinite worlds with a text prompt or draw in what you'd like to see. Step into your immersive space in full 360° in massive 8K resolution.


Edit The Details to Perfect Your Space

Have complete control over everything in your space. Select areas and prompt new ideas to improve, add, or remove elements, and watch your world come together exactly how you want.

Remix The Style for Infinite Variations

Refine your world while keeping its structure. Remix lets you change a skybox's visual style, time of day, weather, and more.

Turn it into a 3D World Mesh

In one click, transform your skybox into a 3D mesh and export for your favorite 3D app. Or save it out as HDRi lighting, depth map, cube map, and more.

Ever Stepped into Your Own Sketch?

You've never experienced AI generative art like this before. 

Use Skybox AI Directly Within Unity Engine

Unity SDK Blockade Labs SkyboxAI 3d World Generator
Plugins require an API Access subscription. Get API access.
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